What Is Cuban Chain?

What is cuban chain?

In today’s world fashion changes so rapidly, it is not that easy to follow the trends on any part of it.

Especially when it’s about combining your clothing with jewelry, there are a lot of options you could go for.

But as for this topic which we are interested in is Cuban chain and its place on accessories.

Using a pendant or a chain is almost a must if you are taking care of your looks. Throughout history there have been many different trends that stand out from the regular way of fashion , but the main part where it started to take a different path was the invention of simulated diamonds and their use along with gold plated metals.

When did Cuban chains start being mainstream jewelry?

In the mid-1970s, the start of urban stance against oppression, poverty and discrimination which found its voice in hip hop was the beginning of almost all these products such as Cuban chain, prong chain or iced out jewelry.

However back in those years rap and hip hop was not commercialized enough for artists to stand as much as they do nowadays. Therefore, there was not much demand and use for these accessories back then compared to today.

Year after year with the popularization of hip hop and rap, more people got into it due to the message this music carried with them. Supported by these people who had enough, the message spread around the world and this genre of music found its place on the market.

With this trend another style of dressing and fashion was founded which was the use of shiny and big jewelry on their style. Use of expensive Cuban chains, prong chains, MiamiCuban chains and custom made iced out accessories was the way to scream your voice that you made it , to the rest of the world.

Why and when did Cuban chains become so popular?

After rap and hip hop became mainstream music for many people, a lot of them wanted the same iced outlooks from their favorite artists. But due to the pricing of real diamonds and solid gold people lean towards using the same looking products that are made with simulant diamonds and gold plating.

Jewelry craftsmen who saw the demand on the market started producing many different models using gold and white gold along with simulated diamonds to produce iced out looking accessories. 

Cuban chain being of these designs found its place in people’s chain choices along with the prong link chain. Even though there is a price difference with the ones that use mined diamonds and solid gold compared to the ones that use lab made diamonds, both look almost the same for the plain eye. Therefore, the popularity and the density of Cuban chains rose to a high level among people.

Iced Out Touch With Cuban Chain.

Cuban chain would not be where it is today if the iced out looking jewelry never became so popular.

Iced out definition generally stands for the jewelry which looks icy and shiny, you could argue every diamond looks shiny yet with the iced out accessories main concern is the end product looking differently whitish and icy compared to regular jewelry.

Along with the iced out looks the shine of yellow gold , silver and white gold are a must for such trends to fulfil its unique design.There might be a price difference between solid gold and gold plating on cuban chains however looks and the craftsmanship is same on both jewelry.

How to choose which cuban chain for your style.

Everyone has a different taste in their wardrobe choices, with different fashion styles comes different styles of accessories.

When it is about combining your clothes, bags, shoes, pants and hats color matching has a crucial point. Wearing one without the other might turn your looks into a whole different path.

But with the help of your accessories, mismatching combinations can be avoided for a much better-looking style. That is where having cuban chains in your inventory has a lot of value for your style.

Depending on your style you might go with the cuban chains that have a low amount of diamonds on them, something like a cuban link chain might do the work for you.

After all it is your style and your way of showing your taste in fashion. Going with a cuban chain or another iced out jewelry is your choice. But you can never go wrong with them if you are looking for a shine in your style.

Where to find cuban chains?

There are a lot of options you could go for throughout the internet, but as Stargangstore we are happy to serve your style with our products on your needs of iced out jewelry choices.