Simulated Diamonds

What are simulated diamonds and their presence on our style?

Nature produces a lot of different minerals and their combinations form a lot of different minerals and stones. Unless you specifically are interested in them you won’t get to know their names individually however, diamond is known by everyone and it is one of the scarcest materials that can be found in the planet earth. That is where simulated diamonds come to play, to provide a solution to this problem.
VVS, Lab made or named as simulated diamonds are what solves that demand with their looks and shine being like mined diamonds along with their comparable price to mined diamonds.

What are simulated diamonds used for?

Ranging from industrial usage to jewelry making simulated diamonds are used to craft the needs where mined diamonds are required but economically not preferable due to price tag of real diamonds.
Apart from simulated diamond’s historical standpoint in today’s world, mass producing is the key for any business growth therefore when diamonds are needed in such business models, lab made simulated diamonds are used in such environments.
In today’s world, fashion can’t be separated from accessories and that is the reason why simulated diamonds populate the jewelry market with their almost same look with real diamonds.
Ranging from pendants, rings and grillz to chains there are many different models and designs that are being made with simulated diamonds are there to supply the demand on jewelry fashion trends.

What are the trending products with simulated diamonds?

Even though there are many different trends and brands on jewelry that uses simulated diamonds , what really are hyped in today’s market are iced out trends with models such as Cuban chains , iced out watches , iced out rings , grillz , tennis chains and Miami Cuban chains stand at the top.
With the models like that required amount of individual diamonds are so high that mined diamonds can not simply fulfill the demand on the market, therefore simulated diamonds like cubic zirconia and rhinestone are used on such models.
Due to demand on the market, even using solid gold can be a concern for jewelry producers, and therefore gold plating is used along with simulated diamonds to produce these models.
Hip-hop artists and rap music industry has been using big and shiny jewelry accessories since they become popular and when people wanted the similar looks from their favorite artists they ought to get one of these products however not everyone can afford to buy a real mined diamond therefore people tend to get into jewelry that uses simulated diamond and gold plating.
What are the differences between mined diamonds and lab made ones?

Simply  mined diamonds cost more and requires more manual labor compared to simulated diamonds and producer have more room to start over on a product where any mistakes were made ,  on mined diamonds any mistake can easily cost thousands of dollars.
When it comes to looks on these jewelries unless you look really close with a magnifying glass there is no difference to your style since they look almost the same with each other on your accessories.